The Types Of Relatives You May Meet During CNY (3/3)

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The Types Of Relatives You May Meet During CNY (3/3)

How was the first few days of CNY for you? Met any of the relatives we have covered so far? Let’s round off the series by featuring our last three Enneagram types as relatives you may meet or already have met during CNY gatherings.

In the first one, we featured relatives as Types 1, 2 and 6 and the second one, we met our Types 4, 5 and 9 relatives.

Enough, chit chat, let’s get the third and final feature up and running!

 The ‘Listen To My Achievements (Again)’ Relative

Eh! Long time no see! Have I told you about my work life and how far I have climbed up the ladder since then? Oh, I have told you ah? Never mind, come let me tell you how I achieved so much success in my life. Maybe you can see how it applies to your own life …

This relative is constantly talking about his/her achievements in life. Your conversations with this relative always revolves around work but when you try to enquire into what is new in their personal life, they would just reply “Good” without much thinking and then continue talking about the latest ‘achievement’ in their personal life!

Do I hear Type 3 as your guess for this relative? Ding ding ding! You are absolutely correct!

The ‘Sorry, What Did You Just Say’ Relative 

This relative is the bubbly one; the one who is cracking jokes and generally livens up any family gathering.

When you finally get a chance to have a more intimate conversation with them, they seem to be following the emotionally deep conversation with you but then at some point, they would blink their eyes and say, “Sorry, what did you just say? I was distracted by someone else in the room … Look, look so funny right!” So, if you are the kind who wants to have deep meaningful conversations, this relative may often leave you feeling unheard and frustrated because the conversational topics with them would always be on the surface.

This livewire would be your Type 7 relative trying to inject some life into the CNY gathering. Did you manage to guess that from what you read? If you did, well done!

The ‘Don’t Bullshit Me’ Relative

Wah! You say that your food this time is better than last year! You sure or not? Don’t bullshit me leh!!

Often times, you will hear this relative before they appear in the house. When they walk in, you know they are there. Their presence is unmistakable. Their booming voice and ‘big energy’ always makes the more introverted relatives shrink away.

Also, longwinded people who go into the small details really irritates them. Any time they feel you are not honest or confident with your argument, they make it a point to call out your ‘bullshit’.

It seems this relative always lives for situations where they can engage in a debate or heated discussion and then find themselves disappointed when ‘people give up too easily’.

This relative is a Type 8 through and through. When you know, you know!

There you have it! We have covered all our Enneagram Types. We do hope you had fun guessing them as much as we have had presenting them.

I would like to leave you with a piece of advice as we continue on in this CNY festive season:

As you encounter these Types of relatives and as challenging as they can be to interact with, just remember that everyone is different and the Enneagram allows us to understand where they’re coming from, and laugh in our heads at their ‘cuteness’. So, remember to be kind in your words and find tactful ways to disengage if needed. Or, do a social experiment – try using what you learnt in our Enneagram courses to engage them differently and see what happens!


If this interests you and you are eager to find out more beyond our featured Types, then why not sign up for our Enneagram Level 1 courses? If you haven’t heard, our course fees can be offset by using your SkillsFuture credits! Contact us to find out! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Cindy Leong
Cindy Leong
Cindy Leong is a sought after bilingual (English and Mandarin) Enneagram Personality Coach and Corporate Trainer in Asia, who can help you make sense of your professional and personal relationships. She is a member of International Coach Federation (ICF) and Singapore Psychological Society (SPS). Besides a Bachelor Degree in Psychology (majoring in Communications), she also has a Diploma in Business and has done in-depth research and studies in the areas of Organisational Behaviour and Gender Communications, both in Singapore and Taiwan. Through her expertise in corporate executive coaching, personal development, and relationship coaching, she has helped many professionals in their walk through challenging times, particularly in the areas of identity searching, relationship building and career breakthrough. Aside from being a published author of 2 books, she has also been invited by several radio stations and magazines as an expert guest speaker to provide insights into Enneagram, workplace conflicts and relationships.
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