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Sealing the Deal – Sales Techniques with Enneagram

Some people say that making sales is one part luck, one part skill and one part likability. What those people forget is that every client has to be approached differently. They all have different concerns and priorities, and it’s essential that those needs are met. You know your products and services, but do you know your clients?

Getting to know a potential client is an important step in building a long-lasting relationship but you may not have all the time you need to get to know them inside out. That’s where Enneagram profiling comes in handy – once you’ve identified a person’s personality type, you can get down to business.

Each person’s personality type informs his/her behaviour and thought processes. Anyone in sales would know all too well that some clients need a little more nudging than others. While fierce sales techniques can be difficult to execute successfully, there are some personality types that are more receptive to them than others.

So before you scoff at the idea of learning more about the different Enneagram personality types, just give it a chance. You might even walk away finally realising that you can close deals more efficiently by speaking your clients’ language.

Satisfying Type 5’s Investigative Nature

Type 5s are typically regarded as highly curious and questioning people. They seek knowledge and information about things they deal with and hardly ever dive into anything recklessly. Their decisions are well-informed and thought through. Once they have made up their mind about something, they are unlikely to change their opinion.

The key is to give them as much information as possible. Facts and credentials are important. Show them awards to highlight the effectiveness of your products or data to back up your claims. If there’s a promotion available, let them know as well so they can better determine the value of your suggested plan. Give them a timeline to get back to you and they would probably keep within those limits.

Assure them that you’ve done your due diligence and give them a deadline to get their facts checked and make up their minds. A good thing about Type 5s is that when they say they will think about what you’ve told them, they will. Once you’ve done your homework right, leave it up to them.

Safeguarding Type 6s All-around

Type 6s have a need for security. These people can become easily anxious, so knowing that they will be well-protected will ease their apprehension towards what you are selling them. They aim to be in a position where they know what to expect. Once they find a system or support group that can give them this, they will stay loyal.

This means finding out what their concerns are, what they fear and what they are worried will happen to them. As long as it is important to them, they will want to make sure that every possible scenario will be covered. Addressing these will gain you brownie points as they will feel that you understand them.

Type 6s can be aware of their heightened sense of worry, making them cautious that you might be trying to play into their fears. Show them that you are not trying to be fear-mongering, but that you are genuinely hoping to put them at ease with what you can offer them.

Shut Out Type 7’s Pain Points

Type 7s tend to be extroverted, love life and never let anything dull their sparkle. Because of this, they are also extremely guarded against any potential pain points. They avoid situations that threaten their sense of freedom and security. On top of this, they seek instant remedies so that they can return to the status quo as quickly as possible.

For these people, they would rather not think about being in an unsavoury position, let alone plan for the worst case scenario. To appeal to them, be straightforward and discuss the possibilities at point blank. Avoid beating around the bush as this may make them feel uncomfortable and shut off to what you have to say.

Because Type 7s are bold and want the most out of their experiences, showing them that you are able to help them enjoy life as best as possible can help them open up to you. Ultimately, they want someone to take away any problem as quickly as possible so they can go back to being the life of the party.

Cindy Leong
Cindy Leong
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