Our Personal Wish For Each Enneagram Type in 2021

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Our Personal Wish For Each Enneagram Type in 2021

2020 is finally going to be behind us in two days time. Are you looking forward to what 2021 brings for you? We are!

So, in the spirit of the incoming new year, we would like to express our special wish for each of your unique Enneagram Types out there. Consider this our 2021 gift to you.

To Our Beloved, ‘Seek For Perfection’ Type 1s:

Our wish for you is that you would be less harsh and more patient with yourself. We know that you do not want to make that mistakes but you cannot prevent them from happening. We wish that in 2021, you will learn to see the opportunities that mistakes can give to you to be the very best teacher that we know you can be to the people around you.

To our Beloved, ‘Always You First Me Last’ Type 2s:

Our wish for you is that you would learn to take care of your needs in the upcoming year. We know that it does not come naturally to you and that everyone else’s needs always trumps yours. But look at it this way, learning to love yourself will enable you to learn how to better love others in the way they need you to love them. We wish that in 2021 you will learn that your needs are important as well.

To our Beloved, ‘We Can Do This’ Type 3s:

Our wish for you is that you will allow yourself to revel in your successes and to slow down to smell the roses (so to speak). Please know that we would love to know you outside of work and that if you let us be there for you, we will do our best to support you as you charge towards your goals. We wish that in 2021 you will know that you can be loved for who you are and not what you do.

To our Beloved, ‘Authenticity Is Beautiful’ Type 4s:

Our wish for you is that you will be able to find the strength to heal from your hurts and find the emotional courage to channel these in a positive and powerful manner to be a blessing to those around you. Life is beautiful in its hurts and joys, there is no doubt about that. However, we wish that in 2021 you will know that life can even be more beautiful and authentic when you allow yourself to move outwards and forward.

To our Beloved, ‘Objectivity Is Key’ Type 5s:

Our wish for you is that you will be able to open up and express yourself more in the coming year. You have so much love and beauty that is worth to be shared, and you have people who would love to see that side of you. We wish in 2021 that you will find the courage to be less guarded and more willing to embark on more hands-on experiences with the people around you.

To our Beloved, ‘Dependable And Stable’ Type 6s:

Our wish for you is that you will be able to accept that you are good enough and that we would love for you to hear the compliments and accolades that we wish to say to you. You use your strengths to help stabilize the situation for the people you care for and in the companies you work in; but we wish in 2021 that you will be able to also see and embrace those strengths that we see and love about you.

To our Beloved, ‘Life Loving And Optimistic’ Type 7s:

Our wish for you is you realize that we would love to journey through the painful points in your life. We love that you always bring joy and happiness to us, but we also are aware that there are pains in your life that you do not wish to burden us with. We wish in 2021 that you will be able to allow us in and to help you navigate those painful points in your life, so that we may also give the gift of true joy to you.

To our Beloved, ‘Direct And Protective’ Type 8s:

Our wish for you is that you will be able to show us more of the vulnerable side that we know you have. We know that your instinct is to be the strong one, the one who protects the people that you love and care for. But also know that being able to let us see your hurts and pains would enable us to be strong for you. We wish in 2021 that you will be able to see that there is strength in vulnerability as well and that when you own that truth, it will set you free to be able to serve others with the natural authority and talents you have.

To our Beloved, ‘We Want You To Be Happy’ Type 9s:

Our wish for you is that you express your preferences and opinions because we also want you to be truly happy, but it should not come at your expense. So, we wish in 2021 that you find the courage for you to say what you feel, we would love to get to know you better through these expressions!

2020 has been a year where we all have been stretched to be better versions of ourselves. We hope that in 2021, we will all continue to learn more about ourselves, to love ourselves more and to bless others with the best versions of who we can be.

We, at Relationship Studio, would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year and a fantastic 2021 ahead!


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Cindy Leong
Cindy Leong
Cindy Leong is a sought after bilingual (English and Mandarin) Enneagram Personality Coach and Corporate Trainer in Asia, who can help you make sense of your professional and personal relationships. She is a member of International Coach Federation (ICF) and Singapore Psychological Society (SPS). Besides a Bachelor Degree in Psychology (majoring in Communications), she also has a Diploma in Business and has done in-depth research and studies in the areas of Organisational Behaviour and Gender Communications, both in Singapore and Taiwan. Through her expertise in corporate executive coaching, personal development, and relationship coaching, she has helped many professionals in their walk through challenging times, particularly in the areas of identity searching, relationship building and career breakthrough. Aside from being a published author of 2 books, she has also been invited by several radio stations and magazines as an expert guest speaker to provide insights into Enneagram, workplace conflicts and relationships.
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