Importance of Having Fun in Life

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Importance of Having Fun in Life

Standing in the middle of a crowd, you can see people rushing around and pushing past you to get to where they need to. You might just be one of them. How many of them do you think slow down to take time off to play and have fun?

We have been bombarded with the idea that working hard is the only way to success. But FUN plays an important role in achieving your goals! The importance of having fun is quite obvious, but people often forget or take their other responsibilities to have precedence over “indulging” in fun.

Besides having a good excuse to get away from your busy schedule to let your hair down, having fun helps you de-stress and forget your problems, worries and responsibilities, even if it is for a couple of hours. This aside, biologically, your body releases anti-stress hormones which enables you to relax, especially if you are taking part in activities that requires physical energy. You can strengthen not only your mind, but your body as well.

They say, “the more the merrier”. This is so true. By including more people, you will be more at ease as you can be your own self with the people you love the most. Time spent together with family and friends is a great way to bond and build even stronger relationships. By learning more about your family and friends more, you strengthen your support system and are able to learn from each other’s problems, mistakes and stresses, making facing similar situations in the futureeasier. It’s time to slow it all down and get your family and friendy together for some fun.

What is fun is defined by the individual, and each of us has our own different way to have fun. From shopping to hiking and jogging or even soccer and basketball matches with friends the most important thing is to ensure that you are actually having fun and are not being pressured into an activity your friends think are fun. Your enjoyment, and your experience is paramount.

FUN stands for Free, Unlimited and Now! Be Free to try new things. Give yourself time to have unlimited fun – It may be silly to let your hair down, but there should be no judgments, no condemnation. Seize the now! Fun is for the now, being able to enjoy in the present stimulus that is producing happy chemicals in your brain, enjoy the LOL Moments!

When having fun, be sure that your mind is completely focused on the activity. The saying is clichéd and overused, but so true. We all need to “Work Hard, and Play Hard”. Make a conscious effort to set aside some time to drop everything and have some fun today!

Cindy Leong
Cindy Leong
A Dating and Relationship Coach who has helped many youths and professionals in their journey through relationship searching and building. Cindy is a direct and energetic individual, who aims to bring out the best in everyone she meets. Her extensive coaching and dating experience has helped her coach men to find their social standing in the society. Cindy holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, majoring in Communications and has done many research studies in the area of Gender Communications, Cultural Communications, Jealousy and Mating Choices. Get in touch with Cindy via email at
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