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5 Online Dating Tips You Need To Know For Your Profile Page

1. Have a profile picture taken outdoors

Inner beauty counts. But, in the sphere of online dating, your profile picture is your hook. It is the first thing a person notice when he/she is at your profile page. That is why you should make sure your profile picture has a positive image.

Studies from Zoosk found that women responded 19% more to men with profile pictures taken outdoors. The effect of natural sunlight is that it makes people look both uplifted and happier. This gives people the first impression that you are adventurous with the increased happiness experienced by outdoorsy people.

Play up your adventurous and positive side by taking pictures outdoors and at foreign places such as during holidays, to show how worldly you really are.

2. Take full body shots, not selfies

Hoping to vie for attention through your profile picture? Just because celebrities are jumping shamelessly on the “Selfie” bandwagon, should you?

Selfie is an online dating no-no. According to Zoosk, Selfies have reportedly decreased messages received by 8%. Instead, a full body picture would increase messages received by a tremendous 203%!

Selfies would cause potential matches to be suspicious of what you are trying to hide since selfies don’t show your whole body and you might have only posted images of your “best-looking” picture of your face. It may also give the impression that you are narcissistic or have no friends.

Selfies may be a turn off where it get people wondering how long one would spent in their room taking shots that didn’t make the cut.

So don’t be shy, ask a friend to take for you. If you worry that your friend isn’t that great of a photographer, just take a full body shot and do a bit of cropping later.

Be candid, Open and Confident!

Ditch the selfie, post a real photo to show the real you!

3. Take solo pictures, not with friends (or your pet)

Males who take photos with only them in it received 42% more messages than those who post with friends, and, astonishingly, 53% more than those who post with pets!

If you post a profile picture with several people, it may be difficult to tell which one is you and make the other party feel that you’re trying to hide what you really look like. This makes you seem less open, truthful and authentic. And, that is not what you want to make the other party that you may potentially meet to feel about you.

Moreover, if you post a picture with your pet, you may think that it gives a cute and caring image to yourself. However, others would think that you might seem a little obsessed. After all, you are promoting yourself and that people want to get to know you, and not your pet. So, it should not be the very first thing someone knows about you. (Unless you are looking for a pet-sitter.)

Visit places, do activities, and start taking pictures!

4. Smile and look casual

Smiling makes you instantly more attractive. A poll in my work generated that at least 40% of the participants think that the most attractive factor of a person is a great smile.

Smiles give others the impression that you’re a happy, casual, relaxed and positive person. And that, is qualities that people want in their partners.

Rather than showing your serious face, which may make you seem mundane and too serious in life, relax and, showcase your most genuine smile to the world.

Adding to the point of being casual, you should also dress casually.

No, you don’t wear that costume or lustrous tuxedo on a daily basis. When you’re clearly dressed up, you aren’t showing the real you. That is not what your potential date want to see when he/she is earnestly considering you. He/she is looking for an everyday partner, and hence, wants to see what you are like everyday. (Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look nice.)

You need him/her to trust you and feel your authenticity.

Go on, and show the real you.

5. Descriptors are important

Don’t describe yourself the same way as the majority in the online dating community. The most used and abused descriptor in online dating profiles for 2014 was “laid-back”. Common words like that tend to lose its punch because everyone’s using it. It won’t make you stand out. If you’re using the word “laid-back”, make sure it is an honest descriptor and it shouldn’t be the only word that describes you.

Your choice of words is crucial. You have to show value and balance between your strength and being nice, because being too nice may let others take granted of you.

Come up with something unique to describe yourself, by talking about your interest or things that make you different from everyone else. It is okay to narrow into specifics, because it’s is better when the other party likes the things about you that you like about yourself.

So, choose your descriptors wisely, and differently.
If you need someone to help you audit or increase value of your profile page, feel free to write in to me- I’d be glad to help!

Cindy Leong
Cindy Leong
A Dating and Relationship Coach who has helped many youths and professionals in their journey through relationship searching and building. Cindy is a direct and energetic individual, who aims to bring out the best in everyone she meets. Her extensive coaching and dating experience has helped her coach men to find their social standing in the society. Cindy holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, majoring in Communications and has done many research studies in the area of Gender Communications, Cultural Communications, Jealousy and Mating Choices. Get in touch with Cindy via email at coffee@relationshipstudio.sg
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