Do you know that the Enneagram is a very effective roadmap for spiritual growth? Back then, spiritual teachers were interested to understand how people of different personalities experience God and how they experience the spiritual world inside themselves.

Fast forward to the present day, this roadmap is still used in coaching, counselling and psychotherapy sessions. Enneagram helps us to see how God is constantly present and working in our lives. With this deeper and innate understanding, you will be able to remove self-limiting beliefs, and break free from past vicious cycles, which ultimately brings forth a spiritual breakthrough.

Spiritual leaders will also be able to better understand the people entrusted under their care. They can learn how to give the “right dosage” of counselling and “homework” to develop those under their care to their fullest potential.

Coupling the Enneagram with spiritual growth, allows us to claim the power of God’s promises and pave our way towards a victorious life!

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