Business Owners
Ever wondered how you can avoid conflicts with your business partners and colleagues?

Directors and Managers
Want something more meaningful for your company’s team building?
Want to know how you can manage your team better, or how you can better motivate your staff?

Aside from applying Enneagram as a Personality Profiling Tool for self improvement and relationship building, it can also be effectively applied in your business and workplace by:

  • Assessing potential business partners better
  • Identifying employers/employees’ strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, motivations
  • Helping CEOs/management level employees handle staff more effectively
  • Helping HR personnel screen potential candidates efficiently
  • Fostering greater understanding amongst departments/colleagues, to enable better teamwork

Enneagram can also be applied outside of the workplace through:

  • Dealing with external business partners/clients
  • Enabling sales teams to read clients more easily

With Enneagram, employers and employees can move forward cohesively to achieve an efficient, effective and more fulfilling working life!

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