Why use our Relationship+ questionnaire over other free online tests?

Free things are usually tempting. But the popular saying is true, You pay peanuts, YOU GET MONKEYS.

Sure, you don’t need to know your Enneagram type thaaat well. You just want to do a quick test (not a 100-over-question long test! *gasp*) and you want to know your Enneagram type just. for. fun. Well, it always starts with that idea of fun. But the thing about profiling tests is, their impact rarely ends in the just-for-fun stage. First it’s fun, and then it becomes bothersome because it confuses, and then you start to have doubts about yourself and you try to do some “positive” changes to your life, only to realise that you’re actually digging a bigger hole on this road to self-improvement.

Why do that to yourself when there are far more efficient and effective options to find out your Enneagram type? (Yes, we are referring to ourselves here!)

Our Relationship+ questionnaire is different (and of course, better) from other free online tests mainly because of these compelling reasons:

  • It tells your positive and negative traits from the perspective of all 9 types (most free tests just tell you your core type)
  • It shows your various areas for improvement, especially key areas of concern that need immediate attention (something that you can’t get from free online tests)

We would not apologise that our tests are definitely longer than those free tests online, because when it comes to getting the correct profile for self-development, there’s no short-cut to it.

Be kind to yourself. Let us get that monkey off your back.

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