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Using the Enneagram

Follow your passion and dreams

Have you always had the heart to help couples find their way back to each other once again? Does it frustrate you that you instinctively know where relationship problems are but you lack the tools and framework to properly deal with them?

Well guess what? Once upon a time, we felt the same way as you! And that is why we came up with our Certified Enneagram Relationship Coach programme. Say "Goodbye" to counselling in the dark and by your gut feel, and "Hello" to guidance led by age-old wisdom found in the Enneagram.

Understand your clients better

Have a better understanding of your clients through the Enneagram questionnaire outcome report

Be their guidance

Guide your clients in having a better sense of awareness of themselves and their relationships.

Get the VIP tools

Learn about the different activities you can use with your own clients. 

What are you waiting for?

✔ Individuate yourself as a competent Enneagram practitioner / coach / relationship coach

✔ Effectively analyse the Enneagram report

✔ Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the client using the Enneagram framework efficiently and effectively

✔ Apply strategies that would help clients manage their relationships better

✔ Accurately identify clients' vicious cycle

✔ Teach clients effective strategies that will help to maintain or future develop their own strengths and help to build their relationships

✔ Apply the 3 centres of intelligence – head, heart and body - in the coaching process

✔ Apply listening skills in the coaching process


Using the Enneagram

This curriculum is specially curated by our Class 95 Resident Love Expert, Cindy Leong.

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