Have you ever wondered why you feel like your other half doesn’t seem to quite understand you, or why you reacted the way you did in a certain situation?

— or maybe —

You’re not sure why your other half bottles their feelings up, and doesn’t open up to you?

Not being able to pin-point such personality clashes could lead to frequent misunderstandings, and could even cause a rift in your relationship or marriage.

Enneagram profiling is helpful for dating and married couples to understand each other’s personalities, and to be aware of each other’s traits, coping mechanisms, emotional blind spots, and even communication styles. Awareness leads to further understanding; having a relationship coach work with you and your other half to outline what makes each other tick, react, or retreat, based on your personality type, will enable the both of you to develop a better understanding of each other.

Aside from creating awareness through Enneagram profiling, couples can also grow together through this experience. This not only helps to achieve compromise, but could also rekindle the spark that was always there, for both to enter into a much more fulfilling relationship or marriage.

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