• Cindy has come up with a meaningful 2-day programme for my company's management retreat. Through her Enneagram Profiling workshop, the team is now able to learn about their leadership styles, and how they can work with team members of other personality types. In addition, during the 1-to-1 consultation with Cindy, they were made aware of their blindspots and areas that they could improve on. Also, the team is now clear about our company's vision, mission and values, and how they play a part in fulfilling it. This has definitely increased staff morale and brought everyone closer together.

    This wouldn't be possible without Cindy's dedication and passion in what she does. Cindy is an effective coach, and I would definitely recommend business owners to engage her for her team bonding or coaching services.

    Alvin PohCEO, Vodien Internet Solutions
  • Cindy simply changed me inside out. As an engineer, I am really bad when it comes to understanding women’s needs and bringing out a higher value in me. Cindy was able to discover my strengths and she has greatly encouraged me to take a step of faith on work on my weaknesses. She is an all rounded coach who looks at the entire well-being of my personal growth, more than trying to make a buck out of me. As a whole, I became more confident in my public speaking, which had helped me becoming a more charismatic leader at work. I have also got myself a very beautiful and capable girlfriend which I never thought was possible before. My colleagues and family members are very overwhelmed with my complete change for the better. Money well spent!

    Wai C.IT Engineer
  • Cindy's coaching approach is warm and intelligent combined with a strong knowledge of personality styles and tools. In a single session she helped me gain a better understanding of myself and my girlfriend. Cindy offers practical knowledge with information you can apply immediately.

    Dr. B.Psychologist
  • Cindy is a very frank and genuine love coach. Before meeting her, I have issues with my confidence level. I could not express myself and I was not sure what are the qualities I want in a life partner. After Cindy's coaching, I am now more confident in expressing my feelings, my likes and dislikes. I learnt the soft skills and communication skills, and I began to understand the mentality of women. I now know myself better, and I am clearer in the qualities I want in a life partner. Thank you Cindy, I have put what you've taught me into good use and I'm now happily dating!

    Mr ChowCivil Servant
  • Before attending the Enneagram Workshop, I was struggling with understanding why I cannot seem to get along with my husband, and always giving in with others easily. I had issues relaxing, and could not draw boundaries about my work and life. After attending the workshop and 1-1 session with Cindy, I have learnt that all of my behavior is a part of me where I might have a tendency to be worked up over small things. Cindy has thought me how to complement my husband better with my strengths! Now, I have learnt how to strike a balance between my work and life Enneagram has helped me to better understand myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and how I can better myself. I can now look towards greater growth because I know where to improve, and how to improve! Thanks, Cindy and Relationship Studio for this!

    Ms H.Business Owner
  • Before attending the workshop, i was seeking to know who I really am and how can I achieve what I want to achieve in my career. Also, I am very interested to learn how my husband and I can better understand one another.After attending the workshop and 1-1 session with Cindy, i have learnt that it is not difficult to understand one another, our needs and wants and knowing how to be ourselves. Moreover, I have gained a deeper insight on our inner concerns, fears and how to address them to one another and why we behaving certain ways when face with certain situation. Enneagram has helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, how to better address it and what to do to address the weaknesses and to build strengths.

    Ms OngCorporate Support Officer

Understanding yourself and then the other person is the key to successful relationships. One of the most powerful tools to do so is the Enneagram, which allows you to see beyond the “what” (Behavioral traits) , but also understand the “why” (Base motivations and insecurities) and the “how” (Solutions) for next steps of breakthrough.

Get your Enneagram profiling done. Let Cindy Leong, Psychology, Corporate Communications and Business trained Relationship Coach polish your senses and bring out the best in you!


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