• Before attending the Enneagram Workshop, I was struggling with understanding why I cannot seem to get along with my husband, and always giving in with others easily. I had issues relaxing, and could not draw boundaries about my work and life. After attending the workshop and 1-1 session with Cindy, I have learnt that all of my behavior is a part of me where I might have a tendency to be worked up over small things. Cindy has thought me how to complement my husband better with my strengths! Now, I have learnt how to strike a balance between my work and life Enneagram has helped me to better understand myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and how I can better myself. I can now look towards greater growth because I know where to improve, and how to improve! Thanks, Cindy and Relationship Studio for this!

    Ms H.Business Owner
  • Before attending the workshop, i was seeking to know who I really am and how can I achieve what I want to achieve in my career. Also, I am very interested to learn how my husband and I can better understand one another.After attending the workshop and 1-1 session with Cindy, i have learnt that it is not difficult to understand one another, our needs and wants and knowing how to be ourselves. Moreover, I have gained a deeper insight on our inner concerns, fears and how to address them to one another and why we behaving certain ways when face with certain situation. Enneagram has helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, how to better address it and what to do to address the weaknesses and to build strengths.

    Ms OngCorporate Support Officer
  • After attending the Enneagram workshops and 1-1 session with Cindy, I have learnt to identify my blind spots, with an idea of how to further round myself out. Cindy has also given me an excellent overview on how to spot the more obvious Types in others, in order to quickly build a connection and rapport along the way. I will really recommend this to my peers as I believe this would help them reach the best version of themselves.

    Mr TanAgriculture Investments
  • Before attending the Enneagram Workshop, I was excited to know the hidden side of me which I don't even realize or think of over the past 33 years. After attending the workshop and 1-1 session with Cindy, I learn that I need to have more fun and "Colors" in my life, expand my social circle, "repackage" myself to be more presentable and have confident in whatever I do. Enneagram has helped me to reaffirm my strengths and identify my weaknesses such as lack of confidence and low self-esteem which I can now work on.

    Mr Ling Civil Engineer
  • Before attending the workshop, I was unsure of how will it turn out as I rarely attend workshops. After attending the workshop and 1-1 session with Cindy, I have learnt that our personalities can vary in different situations and we are not just confined to one personality type. Now, I can see the link between the personalities and how they revolve around my life in various situations. I feel really pleasantly surprised on how Cindy is able to pin point accurately on how and why things are happening in my life. Enneagram has helped me to understand my strengths and flaws. Knowing my weaknesses allow me to plan on how I can work on them and progress in my life.

    Mr ChiaStudent
  • Before attending the workshop, I feel that I know myself quite well enough but didn't understand how it compares to others. After attending the workshop and 1-1 session with Cindy, I have learnt that I need to play to the strengths of a type 5, and develop the strength of other types as well. Enneagram has helped me to understand myself and learn how to interact with people who are of other types.

    Mr AzamPhotographer

Understanding yourself and then the other person is the key to successful relationships. One of the most powerful tools to do so is the Enneagram, which allows you to see beyond the “what” (Behavioral traits) , but also understand the “why” (Base motivations and insecurities) and the “how” (Solutions) for next steps of breakthrough.

Get your Enneagram profiling done. Let Cindy Leong, Psychology, Corporate Communications and Business trained Relationship Coach polish your senses and bring out the best in you!


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